Alex Chiu

Northern California cycling photographer.

After a brief time in racing bikes, I joined my passion for cycling and photography into one by taking pictures at the races as a hobby. Since that point two years ago, it has developed into building a reputation and covering the Northern California bike races. And while it takes up most of my weekends, it still is great to be able to talk to racers and capture those epic moments in all the digital glory.

**Support your photographers! Consider purchasing prints and/or digital downloads to help support and continue the efforts of your photographers to produce and capture quality moments. If you have any questions about any of the photos, please contact me at Thanks. **

Lastly, I do want to thank all the regional photographers that I have met and worked with over the past few years: Tim Westmore, David Cheung, Paul Doran, Mark Atkinson, to name a few. They have helped me with their wisdom and experience to take better photos :)
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